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Sorry, but I cannot handle the stress of running three whole blogs. This blog is unofficially closed. I will not be updating it. Sorry! If you want to get your information somewhere new, go to: It is pretty much the same as this which is also why I will be closing down. I’m sorry for any inconvenience. I own this blog so if you would like to get more cheats and fun, visit me there!

To Liver: If you read this, the blog is closed. Sorry! You are free to open it up again if you want but I will be resigning. 

Please don’t hate me for this


Weekly Catch Up

Here is basically what you need to know about this week:

  1. Liver has sadly retired 😦
  2. Lunaravenue is now the new Admin!
  3. Fantage Street Cheats is looking for TWO new authors. Go to the Jobs Page for more information.

See you again next week!

A Blog Makeover

You might have noticed that I, Luna, have changed the header and Background. tell me your thoughts! Do you like it? Do you absolutely hate it? I want to know! 

Why did I remove the old ones? The background started to hurt my eyes so I changed it. I also created a new banner because the old one didn’t match the new background.

Should I switch back to the old things? If so, please tell me.

Give me your feedback by commenting what you think below! Come on, I want to hear the truth. 

Wanna Work Here?

Fantage Street Cheats has two new Job openings for Author! Feel free to sign up. Visit the Jobs Page for more info. 

The new Camp event has come out. In this one, you hunt for ghosts!

ImageAll the info you need for this event.

To start hunting for ghosts, just follow the simple instructions below:

1. Click on StellaImage

2. Find the clues. They are at the Campgrounds, Cabin, and Lake



3. Go back to Stella and you will see this:Image

4. Go all the way to the lake and to the right and rest until night: ImageYou will watch a movie and find out what the Ghost really is! then you will get the following items:


There are also new limited items: Image

There is a new Top Models Theme as well. Have fun everybody!



Hey, Luna here. So apparently, Liver has taken a leave. I don’t want to be repetitive, so you can look at this post on my other blog that Liver also used to work on :

I suppose I will be taking over, and that might result in some changes. Sorry if this isn’t as updated as often because now I have TWO blogs that I fully own. Well, I still hope you all continue to love this blog!


I have decided to quit. Luna can take over the blog, I may come back later, but probably not.  I am sorry I quit, I have not deleted this because I want the viewers to enjoy my work.

I am sorry but I may come back, BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go here for an awesome giveaway.

But if you do PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say that LIVER15 invited you.


But remember you have to say that Liver15 invited you



The participants were-








AND……drum roll please……

In 1st place Shiningbri!

In 2nd place Rawrimleslie!

In 3rd place Emily!


Note to the winners please collect your prizes as soon as possible. I have posted the flower drop hair (ecoined, rare, in the back) for first place.

To First Place- Please sell something for 1000 ecoins and comment what it is. Also comment your fantage username and what you have offered to the flower drop hair.

To Second Place- Please sell something for 1000 stars and comment what it is, also comment your username. Please comment your hours and when you can come on my Xat so I can make you a moderator.

To Third Place- Please comment your hours and when you can come on Fantage. If our hours don’t work together you will have to give me your Username and Password. I promise you I am not a hacker. No one besides me will see your information. If the hours don’t work together and you aren’t willing to give me your information then I’m sorry but you will not receive your prize.


First place has claimed all of their prizes, thank you.

Second place has claimed all of their prizes, thank you.

Third place has claimed none of their prizes, but will soon.